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The Sonork client merges all messaging and information transfer functions with easy access to digital forms, internal web applications and work-group collaboration tools. The drag and drop environment stores searchable message histories for each contact and offers advanced presence management. The messenger is incredibly light (only 830kb), yet rich in features.

Feature-rich client console with extensive drag & drop support and intuitive user interface

Extensible open source client engine for developing custom applications or embedding Sonork functionality

Advanced Presence Settings that control how a user's online status is displayed to individuals and/or groups of users.

Extensive drag & drop support, including File Transfer to individuals and/or groups of users.

Searchable time-stamped Message Logs that can be exportable to HTML or text files

Supports unlimited user groups, each with multiple subgroups; intuitive drag & drop configuration.

Integrated HTTP engine for the distribution of Web Applications, digital forms and Message Templates (e.g. database applications)

Multi-party conferencing with available automation control BOT

Dual UDP/TCP mode support; TCP enables support for SOCKS and most commercial Firewalls

Client Customization Tool for easily branding of the client with custom icons, logos and default settings

Multiple client applications can run on the same network and connect to the same Sonork server. This allows companies to create custom client applications to meet their specific needs or offer multiple clients tailored to the requirements of different departments within the organization.

We offer Custom Development services for outsourcing the development of a custom client designed to meet your organizations specific requirements. Development tools are available in the Sonork DevZone.

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