Sonork Client Customizer

Web Applications

The Sonork Client Customizer allows you to customize your our messenger within minutes. The app generates an installer so you can distribute it.

Sonork Client Customizer Customize a fully branded messaging environment with your corporate identity and icons
Modify logos, icons & console links and create a custom installer
Integrated web-based forms that send pre-formatted instant messages to users or interact with a database to collect, store, organize and disseminate structured information.

Sonork Web Applications Structured form for requesting & securing documented approval of business expenditures
Bug report form designed for software testing and beta deployment
Departmentalized message boards customizable for specific areas of operation/workgroups
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Public Network Client

Designed with a wide variety of social features, administrative and monetization tools for deployment of consumer oriented public networks.

Visit for more information on this revolutionary new way to communicate with your consumers and expand web initiatives.

Global IM Client Interoperable with popular public IM networks
Supports for massively scalable installations
Comprehensive monetization and network admin tools

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