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Sonork is the leading provider of Enterprise Instant Messaging and Collaborative Information Management solutions. Our unique Sonork EIM application platform enables rapid deployment of custom enterprise-grade instant messaging and collaborative information access services within distributed network environments. Our Sonork-powered products enable companies to create new areas of revenue, reduce costs and improve workflow by leveraging an evolved implementation of a proven technology currently being used by nearly 600 million people worldwide.

Our flagship Sonork-EIM product is the most robust, reliable and extensible EIM system on the market today. The turnkey client-server platform is designed exclusively for the enterprise, delivering the advanced functionality, security, stability and network integration capabilities required for mission critical business communication networks. Its extensible design delivers flexibility to create custom applications tailored to individual customer or OEM partner's specific requirements. The system is deployment-tested and in use by hundreds of businesses, universities and government agencies around the world.

Sonork is a business unit of GTV Solutions, Inc. (GTV), a New York based technology company that offers advanced distributed networking technology for presence based communications and data transfer. GTV is a forward-thinking company that welcomes synergistic partnership opportunities with both large and small organizations. Our business model is to encourage companies/individuals to develop and commercialize software built on our Sonork technology. We remain committed to continually developing cutting-edge software and providing the highest levels of support for our customers.

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