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Public Network Client
Leveraging the Sonork Client engine and powered by the Sonork server, Global IM (GIM) is a turn-key solution for deploying public messaging networks. It is interoperable with the popular consumer IM services and is outfitted with a wide range of compelling consumer-oriented functionality wrapped around the Sonork core, including customizable skins and a variety of community features.

Powered by deployment tested Sonork server

Proprietary load balancing mechanism that enables the clustering of Sonork servers for the stable deployment of massively scalable installations

Fully customizable “Skinned” user interface developed with the open source Sonork client engine at its core

Unique message queue and protocol drivers packaged on the client side to provide optional interoperability with MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and AIM

Integrated HTTP engine for distribution of content, ads and services through the UI

Includes integrated browser, chat community, emoticons, font controls, advanced people search, social user profiles, configurable news ticker and search feature
Global IM Client

Global IM was developed in conjunction with and is commercialized through our parent company, GTV. More information about this stable Sonork-powered solution is available at, including a full listing of the extensive public network functionality, administrative and monetization features.

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