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Sonork Server
This is the heart of Sonork. It manages all activity on the Sonork network and is responsible for authenticating users, distributing presence, storing and delivering data. The Sonork server is designed for operational efficiency and stability. It is deployment tested, highly stable and in use by over 5,000 business organizations. Server operation can be tailored to meet specific enterprise requirements through the use of customization hooks for unique authentication, event handling, and encryption requirements.

Supports Intranet, Extranet and Internet configurations

ODBC back-end connects to one of the six supported databases

Integrated file transfer agent to temporarily store files sent through the network

Advanced network mapping controls to instruct clients how to establish P2P connections in complex networks

Extensive Administrative Tool set with intuitive network configuration and performance tuning utility

Simple to create user accounts, configure department groups and control permissions

Coordinates the distribution of Web Applications and message templates by individual or workgroup

Includes incoming/outgoing “burst” control to protect server from overload/attacks

Supports running as a window service; NAT, SOCKS and most firewalls

Sonork has been deployed in thousands of sites and is proven as a reliable and effective localization and data transfer server. Designed for robustness and implemented using the latest ‘state-of-the-art’ technologies, the Sonork server is the fastest and most reliable product available in the marketplace.

The Sonork Server uses 'state-of-the-art' algorithms and techniques to optimize system throughput. A proprietary scheme of thread management prioritizes work within the server to maintain fast response times for message traffic while relegating long running activities, not requiring immediate response, to lower priority threads. Extensive use of intelligent caching optimizes data base access and data availability. Selectable use of UDP and TCP/IP message/data transfer protocols is used to improve bandwidth in congested systems and minimize connection overhead. The Sonork Server uses a highly optimized binary protocol for data exchange. This guarantees the lowest network bandwidth with least processing overhead.

Sonork leverages off the proven and well-known web technologies as the mechanism to achieve tight integration. Through central server controls, the administrator can define web resources that become easily called entities from the client application. This provides a common communications-centric interface where existing web applications can be combined within the client. This can be considered another aspect in the extensibility to the client-messaging platform.

System Requirements
The Sonork server has an extremely low memory footprint, at just under 2 megs. It runs on Windows 98, 2000 and XP; which must have TCP/IP as one of its network protocols (if you use e-mail and/or web services on your network, chances are that you've got TCP/IP installed).

A Linux and FreeBSD versions will be available by third quarter, 2003.

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