SonorkEIMMessage Logging
Message Logging

Persistent message logging makes IM more like email. Conversations with all contacts are saved in the individual message consoles and are always available for review.

The number of unread messages for the user is indicated in the main console, as well as the total number of messages and the message number for a specific message. An advanced filtered search function provides easy access to find specific conversations, comments, URLs and transferred filenames anywhere in the history.

Messages are stored in encrypted format (locally on each client and optionally on server)

Ability to export all message logs to a time-stamped html or text file

Search messages by date, content, length, type, and 9 more options

Drag and drop functionality to share selected message (or messages) between users

Sonork Message Logging

Whether for regulatory compliance, security issues, or other reasons, Sonork can be configured to conduct detailed server side logging of all messages/file transfers and stores them for easy retrieval and transport into readable formats by most database applications. Administrators and managers can arrange permission-based access to all or select groups of user message/file transfer logs across the network.

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