Sonork ASP
Hosted Instant Messaging

Sonork ASP is a proven alternative to using unsecured public IM systems for business use. Designed for companies who want all the benefits of Secure Instant Messaging without the sever management. Sonork ASP utilizes the same technology available in the Sonork Enterprise Instant Messaging Suite that is used by companies around the world. Enjoy the productivity and cost benefits of using Instant Messaging with the assurance of encryption on every message and file transfer. Click here for more information.

Get started today with a free 30-day trial now. After that, continue using the product for as little as $19.99 a year. If you need more file transfer capacity, upgrade to a Premium license for $34.99.

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Sonork EIM
Extensible Enterprise IM Platform
Sonork BoxSonork EIM is the most robust, reliable and extensible Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM) solution available today. Designed exclusively for the enterprise, it delivers the advanced collaboration functionality, security, stability and network integration capabilities required for mission critical business networks.

Web Applications
Sonork 'WebApps' are Integrated web-based forms that send pre-formatted instant messages to users or interact with a database to collect, store, organize and disseminate structured information.

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MSI Tool
The Make Sonork Installer (MSI) enables you to quickly customize a fully branded client with your corporate identity and icons, and create a custom installer localized for your network.

Free EIM Suite
Try it, like it, buy it! Here you can download Sonork EIM absolutely free whether your application is for a small workgroup or your entire company, simply register for our Free Trial Program.

OEM Solutions
At its core, Sonork is a powerful localization and data transfer engine. The elegantly designed server and its robust API’s provide an attractive solution for embedding any of many messaging, data transfer and presence management features into commercial application suites.

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VAR Opportunities
Sonork represents an opportunity to generate additional revenue from your existing customer base. Certified VARs receive discounts on licensing fees and retain all related service revenue.

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