SonorkEIM Security
EIM Security Features

Sonork EIM is designed to be installed and operated by IS (Information System) Departments as an internal service. This empowers the organization’s IS Department to exercise maximum control over all aspects of secured operation of the organization’s EIM. Whether located within a firewall or exposed to the Internet, Sonork EIM includes controls to prevent unauthorized access and denial of service attacks.

Complete control over IM usage, reducing corporate security violations.

Accurate records of all conversations & files transferred through the network, including searchable time-stamped Message Logs.

Protection against "snooping" that is possible when staff uses public messengers.

All information is sent and stored in encrypted state.

Centralized authentication and profile permissions prevent misuse of certain system features and illicit dissemination of information.

Authentication and Encryption server hooks allow the enterprise to take additional steps to ensure an acceptable measure of security using external third-party or proprietary solutions
Sonork Security

A number of EIM products are offered as hosted solutions. This abdicates control and responsibility of essential security from the corporation and entrusts implementation and enforcement of security to a third party. This is an unacceptable alternative when the secure and reliable operation of EIM is crucial to the internal operation of a corporation. The location of Sonork EIM, behind the corporation's firewall, protects from outside attacks in a way that externally hosted services never could.

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