SonorkEIM Database Integration
EIM Database Integration

The Sonork server makes extensive use of relational database technology for the storing of configuration parameters, user data, operating logs, and messages. Relational tables used by Sonork are completely exposed to allow access through standard database access schemas. Database API’s are provided to enable integration with third party or web-based applications and to create custom implantations best suited for each unique organization.

With appropriate permissions, Sonork information can be accessed from web pages, scripts, and higher level languages. For example, a simple query could supply a list of online users to render a list on a web page

Instant messages are stored in relational tables, making it easy to retrieve messages or insert new messages to be sent to online users. This simple feature makes the system simple to integrate with other systems of interest to the corporate data center

System activity recorded in system journals can be accessed to generate a wide variety of reports to monitor system performance, user activity, and threshold monitoring

When integrating with other systems containing a population of users, it is a simple process to insert those external users into the Sonork database so they can immediately have access to Sonork EIM

Sonork provides relational database abstraction using the ODBC database access layer. This feature lets the enterprise migrate from simpler to more sophisticated database products as use of the product matures

Server Database Scripts/Files

MS-SQL 6.5/7.0/2000
MySQL 3.23.27
mysql.sql , MyODBC ,
Access 97/98
access.mdb (.zip)
Sybase ASA
Informix DS

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