Sonork Software Product Description


The Sonork EIM product family includes the Sonork Server and the Sonork client. It also includes a range of applications and development tools that make it possible for you to easily customize Sonork EIM Software to extend its flexibility.

System Management

The Sonork Product Family includes an easy to use Sonork Configuration Utility (SCU) to configure and manage the Sonork Server. The SCU provides centralized administration for system management task, like security and access privileges, profiles and users, monitor activity levels, manage all tracker rooms and web apps.


The Sonork Product Family can be installed from either a CD-ROM or by downloading the installer from our web pages
Full Installation
The full installation procedure installs Sonork Server using a ‘wizard-like’ interface to walk administrators through all the requirement steps to perform an installation. The default data base use is Access, but this can be changed to any database supported. The Administrator can also select and install in a specific supported language during the initial installation.

Upgrade Installation

The upgrade installation procedure updates the operating system from early version of Sonork Product Family to another version, while preserving data and existing user-customized files. The installation Guide shows the successive update paths.

Monitoring and Tuning

With the SCU you can modify the parameters of every subsystem of the Sonork Server application software.


Sonork Product Family supports “IP v.4”, and its server can operate in your network’s “demilitarized zone” (DMZ) or in the “militarized zone” (MZ). You can let external users access the server without compromising network security. Client-side support HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5.
Sonork Product Family has integrated an Advanced Network Mapping control to instruct the client software how to establish P2P connections in complex networks.


Access to the Sonork Server and its network can be controlled by defining how access to it is permitted. This can be made to be very loose or general, or conversely it can be extremely tight and specific.
All Data is encrypted to protect all content from unauthorized viewing. All conversation and conference transmission is encrypted for greater protection and privacy.
Conversation and conference transcripts at the client-side can be exported in a text format file or html format file by the end user to review at a later time. It is also possible to log and/or restrict all communications to a specified database from the Server side.
Privacy-management features allow users to specify their visibility to others in awareness mode to minimize interruptions

User Interfaces

All users interact through Sonork with Sonork client. This program allows you to have private conversations, conferences, and tracker rooms, transfer files and data, and use web applications.
Additionally any user without the client can interact with Sonork users with any common Web Browser. See section Web2Sonork below.

Development Environment

Visual Basic API
The Sonork VB API is a wrapper to use the Sonork engine from Microsoft’s Visual Basic. It is composed of 2 items:

sonorkvblib.tlb: Library type definition that must be referenced from visual basic so that all data types, enumeration and methods are available
sonorkvblib.dll: DLL containing the API defined by Sonorkvblib.tlb

You may use the library to create an instant messenger suited to your needs or add IM and file transfer capabilities to your existing Visual Basic applications.

Global IPC

Global IPC stands for Inter Process Channel: It allows third party applications to link with running instances of the Sonork messenger to obtain the user lists, send messages, find instances of other IPC-enabled applications and communicate with them using the Sonork network.
IPC-enabled applications can also use the Sonork network as a localization agent and transport, for its own, data without implementing or embedding a messenger and a directory.

Web Application

WebApps are structured forms that send pre-formatted instant messages to users or a server. They are designed to interact with databases to collect, store, organize and disseminate information, creating powerful tools for use in consistent information management. With this extended html tags all your web pages can use the enterprise IM infrastructure. These can be extremely powerful tools as they can enable users across the network to access needed information, to perform important tasks, collaborate, and to conduct other activities in a secure, controlled, cohesive, and consistent environment.

Sonork Client Source Codes

We provide the source codes of the Sonork Client as en example for developers. This code can be modified to add enhancement for your applications needs.


This capability is based on an HTTP server embedded in the Sonork server that receives commands to use the IM infrastructure. It can be used for sending 1-way messages to specific individual or groups of users from various locations on the network such as websites or applications that can access the network.

The supported languages are:


Requirements Server Side


Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows NT
Microsoft Windows 2000 (All editions)

Data Base

Access 2000


The server in this release is for Intel platforms and compatibles running Window 9x, NT, 2K, XP operating systems.

Requirements Client Side


Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows NT
Microsoft Windows 2000 (All editions)


The server in this release is for Intel platforms and compatibles running Window 9x, NT, 2K, XP operating systems.

Growth Considerations

The minimum hardware and software requirements for any future version of this product may be different from the requirements for the current version. You can view specific information about Sonork at:
Ordering Information

Software Licensing

The version of the Sonork IM System described in these Software Description qualifies as a Minor Functional version release.
The Sonork IM provides the right to use the software as described in this Description, and is furnished under the licensing of GTV Solutions, Inc. Standard Terms and Conditions. Licenses for prior versions must be updated to this version through the purchase of Update Licenses.

There are four types of Sonork licenses:

Sonork Free Trial License
Sonork Base License
Sonork Small Upgrade License
Sonork 100 Seat Upgrade License
Sonork 1000 Seat Upgrade License
Sonork Educational License

Software Product Services

A variety of services options are available from Sonork. For more information, contact your local Sonork office.

Software Warranty

This software is provided by GTV Solutions, Inc. with a 90-day conformance warranty in accordance with the Sonork warranty terms applicable to the license purchase

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